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Lainee K Designs Artwork

Prints of Rectangular Art Designs

Choose from Paper, Canvas and Metal. This category is specific to artwork that is square.

If you find one of these artworks that you would like in a rectangular print, let me know and I may be able to modify it.

The paper pieces are printed on a hot press paper that is smooth, with a matte finish. These are unframed. in order to display them, I would recommend archival framing and UV protected glass.

The Canvas prints are stretched onto 1.25" wood stretcher bars. They can be framed or hung with a wire or a saw tooth.

The metal art print is my absolute favorite. It is especially lovely with the digitally created art. hey come ready to hang. They do not need a frame but after working for a framing company for 20 years, I also think everything looks better framed.

All of the images are not displayed. I'm still working on that. To see the images that correlate with the titles see the gallery page in the meantime.